There are several options to add contacts to your ArchiSnapper account. You can add them manually, but you can also upload an Excel file with your contacts, or import them from your Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo account.

  1. Import a list of contacts (excel)
  2. Import contacts from Outlook (or Hotmail), Gmail, or Yahoo

Import a contact list (excel file)

  1. Go to the Contacts page in your online account.
  2. Click on "Import contacts from XLS".
  3. Click on "Download this sample file" to see the expected format. Check out this help doc for more info about the mapping of columns.
  4. Click on the "Browse" button, choose the right file, and "Upload" to import it.

Import contacts from Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo

  • Go to the contacts page in your online account.
  • Click the Import from Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook button.
  • Finish the authentication steps.

  • In the overview, choose which contacts you want to import. If applicable, add a role, company name, and telephone number.
  • In the right column, click on the import button next to the contacts you want to add.
  • You can now edit these contacts from the central contacts list.