1. Collaborate with colleagues in your organization.

This is working with colleagues within your company/organization by inviting them to join your ArchiSnapper account to work together on project reports. In the online account, go to "More" > Manage Users (only ADMIN users can do this), enter their name and email address, and send the invitation:

You can either select "Give this user access to all projects" or you can assign only selected projects to them.

You can also assign and edit their roles. These User Roles are comprised of the following:

  1. Standard Users: can add projects and contacts, manage categories, create checklists, and customize the layout. Unlike admin users, standard users cannot add or delete users, and cannot modify Account Settings.
  2. Report Creators: can only make reports and manage To-Do Lists, nothing else.
  3. Admin Users: these can do everything that standard users can, plus manage users and change account settings.
  4. Master Admins: admin users who can also give or revoke other users' admin rights.

More information along with instructions can be found here: User Management.

2. Collaborate with users from other ArchiSnapper accounts.

You can also invite users from other ArchiSnapper accounts to join your account to work on projects you assign them to.

  • Firstly, you invite them via User Management. And you will get a notification indicating that they are already ArchiSnapper users and once your invite was accepted, they will have access to projects you assign to them:
  • They will then have the option to toggle/switch between their own account to your ArchiSnapper account:

  • Then you will be able to assign projects to them via Manage Users option

More information along with instructions can be found here: Invite users from other ArchiSnapper accounts to work in your account

3. Collaborate with Assigned Contacts.

This is working with your project's contacts with assigned items. Here you can collaborate with assignees so they can give feedback on their pending items.

  • In the online account, under the Contacts tab, you can send them an invite as an external feedback-only user:
  • They will receive and they just need to accept the invite sent to their email
  • They create their Free ArchiSnapper account login online
  • Then they will be able to access your assigned items to them and give feedback (add comments, photos) then submit it for you to review and approve, which they can do both online and on the App:

For more details on how to collaborate with assignees on pending items you can refer to this Helpdocs:

Collaborate with Assigned Contacts                                                                                                                                        How External Contacts Can Collaborate on Assigned Items

4. Share Item Lists with Non-ArchiSnapper Users via All Observations

Here you have the option to generate a link and share it with users that don't have an ArchiSnapper account and give them real-time view access to items you wanted to share.

  • In the online account, under "All Observations" tab, you can filter out items by criteria and generate a link to share these results by clicking "Get link to share":
  • Then you can copy and share the link with anyone who will have a read-only view of the observations you shared. 


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