As an assignee that has been assigned to items from an ArchiSnapper user, you will receive an invitation email. You can click on the link and make a free ArchiSnapper account. 

Note: to collaborate on assigned items, you will never have to pay for your ArchiSnapper account.

Once logged in, you will see a notification at the right top of your screen saying "Go to projects from other accounts":

This will direct you to the page where you can access your assigned items to collaborate on. You can see images, floor plan location, comments, and more:You can provide feedback with text and photos by clicking on the chat icon at the right, see image here above:

When an item has been fixed you can change the status from TO DO to DONE. This will submit the item for approval:

If the person that created the item approves it, the status will be updated to "OK":

If the project owner does not approve the submitted feedback, the status will be back from "DONE" to "TO DO" and you can check the chat icon again for additional comments:

You can check the collaboration log by going to the Activity page:

If you also have an active ArchiSnapper account of your own, to manage your own projects, you can also copy your assigned items to a project in your own ArchiSnapper account. While in the assigned items view, you can select which of them you want to copy by selecting them and clicking "Copy Selected":

Next, you can select the project you want to copy the items to, then just click "Clone these observations now":

The selected items will then be copied to the To-Do list of that selected project in your own ArchiSnapper account:

You can assign the items to colleagues or subcontractors and continue working on them. 

NOTE: Also, you will get daily email updates with the activity logs of the previous day.

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