If you activate this option, your contacts will receive a weekly email with the NOT OK items assigned to them. If a contact has no open items, he or she will not receive an email. This option can be enabled or disabled per contact.

STEP 1: setting

  1. In your online ArchiSnapper account, go to "More" >> "Account settings" (only admin users can do this)
  2. Scroll down and check the "Send assignees weekly email with their NOT OK observations."
  3. Set the day and hour when you want this weekly email to be sent.
  4. Set up the email template for this weekly email.

STEP 2: Decide which contacts need to receive this weekly update

1. Go to "Contacts" and search a contact.

2. Click on "edit".

3. Check the box next to "Send weekly email with NOK observations".

4. Click on "save".

Questions? Support@archisnapper.com.