1. Invite the ArchiSnapper User

  • In the online account, go to "More" > Manage Users (only ADMIN users can do this)
  • Invite the user to join your account

You will see this prompt after sending the invitation:

2. The invited user should accept the invitation

  • They will be receiving an email to accept the invitation to join your account:

3. The invited user can now toggle between theirs and your account

  • They can now switch between your and their ArchiSnapper accounts

4. Assign projects to the invited external ArchiSnapper user

  • Via Manage Users again you can, just like with internal users, assign external users to the projects you want them to work on.

You can assign projects by clicking on 'Projects for this user'

It will then direct you to the Project Access screen wherein you can select which projects to assign:

5. What external users can and can't do in your ArchiSnapper account? 

  • They can upload docs & plans (in the folder PDF's to view on site)
  • They can create/edit reports and To-Do lists for the projects they have access to
  • They can query in all observations, limited to the observations of projects they have access to
  • They can manage Categories ad Checklists in your account.
    • NOTE: This can be disabled in your online account, and this will apply to All Non-Admin User Accounts. You can do this by going to 'More' > 'Account Settings' and checking the box 'Only the admin can edit the checklists and the categories for reports':
  • They cannot import, export, and restore data, access the folder 'docs to receive', manage users and make changes in the account settings including field report settings as well as view billings & invoices

Questions? Support@ArchiSnapper.com