With ArchiSnapper you can create field reports, but also manage a To-Do list of observations per project. What's the difference?

Field reports

Field reports (as e.g. made by architects) are a representation or picture of the project at a certain moment in time.

In addition to the actual observations with photos and more, they also contain things like the date of the site inspection, a contact table with the people present, and text and photos illustrating the current project status.

Useful to know about working with field reports in ArchiSnapper:

  • For each new field report created with ArchiSnapper, you can choose to start from scratch or to clone the last report and continue working from there: removing solved items, editing existing observations, and adding new observations.
  • It is possible to create reports based on categories or checklists. You manage these in your online account.
  • The numbering is based on report number and observation number (e.g. 3.2 for observation 2 in report 3).

Check out this help doc about getting started with field reports.

To-Do lists

A To-Do list is a list of items. This list can be completed or updated by different people (you and your colleagues) at different times (different site visits).

The To-Do list does not contain things like a report date, a contact table with parties present, and text and photos to illustrate the current project status. It is simply an overview of the open items, with photos, location indication on the floor plan, and more.

This list can be filtered (e.g. everything for contractor X, or category Y) and shared with the parties involved.

Useful to know about working with To-Do lists in ArchiSnapper:

  • To-Do lists are especially useful for contractors who mainly want to keep track of open items in a structured way and share them with colleagues or subcontractors, e.g. in the punch list phase. Tip: it is possible to add new items starting from the floor plan.
  • There is 1 To-Do list per project (versus multiple reports per project). To-Do lists are not cloned.
  • This To-Do list is constantly updated: items are added, deleted, modified, etc.
  • When managing To-Do lists it is not possible to work with checklists, only with categories.

Check out this help doc about getting started with To-Do lists.


  • Architects usually create field reports - cloning the previous report when creating a new one.
  • Contractors typically manage a To-Do list per project that they use to keep track of open items and share them with the team.

Did you know:

  • You can find and filter all observations (both from reports and to-do lists) in the all observations table in your online ArchiSnapper account.
  • You can then share these lists online with anyone (project owner, subcontractors, ...) so they have a real-time overview of the project status and open items. They do not need an ArchiSnapper account for this.

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