If you're managing a lot of projects that require frequent site visits, this functionality is for you.

It gives you an overview of:

  • which projects need a site visit during the coming days or weeks.
  • all your projects on a map for efficient site inspection planning.

STEP 1: activate map display per project

In your online account go to "projects" and "edit" a project:

Scroll down until you see "Inspection scheduling":

  1. Check the box next to "Display project on map when a visit is due."
  2. Set the frequency of site visits. Leave this blank if you just want to see the project on the map without additional info.
  3. Set the date of the first inspection.
  4. Don't forget to hit the "save" button (left bottom)

STEP 2: display projects to visit on a map

Click on the link in your dashboard "Visit schedule and projects on a map". You can also find this on the dashboard page.

Display projects to visit

  • Set the right parameters: visits to do within X days, and which projects should be shown. Click on "search".
  • Red projects: should have been visited already. Orange projects: should be visited soon.

All projects

In the second tab, you will see all the projects for which you have activated the option "display on map" (in the project settings):


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