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Evolution of checklist-based NOT OK items over time

If you use checklists (e.g. for safety inspections) and want to know how often a checklist item is flagged as NOT OK in your inspection reports, then the "Checklist NOT OK items over time" dashboard can help you with this.

In your online ArchiSnapper account (PC), go to your dashboard and click on "Checklist NOT OK items over time".

Set the filters and search to see how many times each item from a checklist was noted as NOT OK. You can export it to Excel for further processing.

Overview of field reports made and sent

You'll find a quick overview of the number of site reports created and sent, per project, user, or checklist.

In your dashboard click on "Reports made and sent overview"

  • Apply filter and grouping.
  • Click search and/or download excel.

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