You can export ArchiSnapper data to excel, for further analysis.

Export all observations

You can export all observations and related information (status, number, date, assignee, photos) for all projects to a CSV file. The file will be sent to you by mail.

In the online account, go to More >> Export data >> CSV (excel):

Choose the project and the dates for which you want to receive the info. You will receive a CSV file in your mailbox.

How to analyze this file?

Import this file in an existing excel file or google spreadsheet:

This will give you a file like this, with one line per observation containing all the observation details like project name, report number, report date, assignees, observation name and descriptions, links to the photos, and more:  

While you will probably not learn a lot by simply looking at this data, you can easily use the data in this table as input for a pivot table:

In the pivot table, you could add the (project) name in the rows, and the report dates as values as a basic example. By using Summarize by "countunique" for the report date field, we are counting every report only once (as all observations in the same report have exact the same report date and time):

This will give you the number of reports per project:

In the same manner (playing with the pivot editor) you could query the number of reports by project, user, and checklist, for example:

Or, you could query the number of times a certain observation occurs or the number of items for a certain assignee, etc.

TIP: In this report summary in your online account you can directly generate an overview of the number of reports per user, date range, etc.

Export checklist statistics

Download an XLS file summarizing how often each checklist item occurred, and with what status (OK, NOK, NA). 

In the online account, go to More >> Export data >> Checklist statistics report:

Select the projects, checklists, and dates you want to include, and click "Generate checklist report".

TIP: Find a real-time overview of these statistics in the Checklist NOT OK items over time dashboard.