Observation categories are the disciplines or phases in which observations are categorized.

  • Manage categories from the online account.
  • Categories are defined on account level, meaning they will be available for all your projects.
  • The order of categories you define in the online account will be applied everywhere: in the online account, in the app, and in the PDF reports.

Manage categories in the online account

  1. Open the online account and click on "categories/checklists".
  2. Edit or remove categories.
  3. Add new categories.
  4. Adjust the order with the drag & drop function.

You can now use these categories to add observations in a report or To-Do list.

Categories in the app

  1. Sync the app and tap on "new report".
  2. Tap on "start from categories".
  3. Add observations to a category by clicking the "+" sign.
    TIP: it's also possible to add observations directly on your PDF plan. More info here.

Categories in the PDF report

Observations will be grouped per category in your field reports:

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