Before you get started with the "documents to receive" feature, you need to set up a few things first. 

Quick links:

In the online account, go to a project >> docs & plans >> click on "settings" in the left column.

Statuses for documents to receive

Use the dropdowns to determine which status will be shown for the red label (document to be received), orange label (document received), and green label (document received and approved).

In the list of docs to receive you will then see the statuses appear like this:

Categories for documents to receive

You can organize documents into different categories. You can set-up these categories here: Settings >> categories:

Checklists for documents to receive

If you often need to request the same documents you can create a checklist. You can reuse these for all your projects.

Create these checklists via Settings >> Checklists >> Documents checklists.

More info about working with document checklists can be found in this help doc.

Email template for documents to receive

When you request documents from your contacts, this is done via an email sent from your ArchiSnapper account. To avoid having to type out this email every time, you can configure an email template.

In a project, go to "Docs & plans" >> settings >> email templates >> Set up my email template

You can draft the email you want to send when requesting documents once, and reuse it each time.

If needed, this email can always be adjusted when sending it.

Find more info about requesting documents in this helpdoc.

Manage document reminders

You can automatically send a reminder if a document has not yet been uploaded by your contact.

You can choose when you want to send out these reminders, for example, an email if the document has not been uploaded after 7 days, 14 days, 30 days....

The reminders are set at the account level, so they will apply to all projects.

Click on: Docs & Plans >> settings >> email templates >> "Manage document reminders".

Choose when you want to send the reminder, the subject line, and write the email.

Add a BCC address for reminders

Add a BCC address, so that in your mailbox you also get an overview of all emails sent to contacts to request documents. To do this, click on settings >> email templates >> BCC email for documents requests:

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